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Freshwater Prawns: Biology and Culture

A New Book on Prawn Farming


Get the very latest book on freshwater prawn farming!  Freshwater Prawns: Biology and Culture carries a 2010 publication date, but it’s available now.  Basically, it contains everything that’s been learned about prawn farming so far—and it’s written by the people that participated in the development of the industry.  Indexed with 544 pages, it’s loaded with pictures, charts, tables and references.  See the list of the 24 chapter titles and authors below.  Information: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. (ISBN: 978-1-4051-4861-0, Hardcover $254.99).




Michael Bernard New (Past President, World Aquaculture Society; Past President, European Aquaculture Society; and Founder of Aquaculture Without Frontiers, United Kingdom)


Wagner Cotroni Valenti (Professor, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil)


James H. Tidwell (Professor and Chair, Division of Aquaculture, Kentucky State University, United States)


Louis R. D’Abramo (Professor of Wildlife and Fisheries, Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mississippi State University, United States)


Methil Narayanan Kutty (Former FAO/UN Expert and Former Dean, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India)



In August 2009, the Editors Said


Since 2000 the global farming of Macrobrachium rosenbergii has expanded considerably, production of a second major species (M. nipponense) has soared in China, and other species of existing or potential commercial importance (M. malcolmsonii and M. amazonicum) have emerged.  By 2007, total annual global production of all freshwater prawn species was nearly 460,000 tons, with a value exceeding $1.86 billion.  Further expansion has undoubtedly occurred since 2007.  These developments prompted our publishers to suggest the preparation of a book on this topic.  The result is a compendium of information on every aspect of the biology and farming of freshwater prawns.  Coverage includes biology and taxonomy; hatchery and growout systems; nutrition, feeds and feeding; genetics; size management; commercial developments around the world; post-harvest handling and processing; marketing; economics and business management; and sustainability.  A team of 44 exceptionally well-known and internationally respected authors has contributed cutting edge chapters covering all major aspects in their areas of interest.  Although the book focuses on the giant river prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii, significant information about other commercially significant species, including M. nipponense, M. malcolmsonii and M. amazonicum is included.


In deciding the content of the book and selecting authors of each chapter, we decided to provide a summary not only of all facets of the biology and husbandry of freshwater prawns, but also the processing and marketing of the final product.  In fact, unusual for a scientific text, the reader will also benefit from the inclusion of some recipes to prepare freshwater prawns for consumption.


Readers should find our book to be a useful reference text and teaching aid, and those who farm, sell, market and consume freshwater prawns will find that it contains informative and thought-provoking material relevant to their businesses.  Any form of aquaculture research has little or no value unless a marketable product can be produced, a requisite which is sometimes unconsciously overlooked by scientists.  Currently, the importance of ensuring that aquaculture is a responsible and sustainable enterprise is constantly being stressed.  Freshwater prawn farming is that type of aquaculture, with low environmental impact and offering substantial socio-economic opportunities.



Chapter Titles and Authors


1. History and Global Status of Freshwater Prawn Farming (Michael B. New)


2. Nomenclature and Taxonomy (Lipke B. Holthuis and Peter K. L. Ng)


3. Biology (Janet H. Brown, Michael B. New and Deborah Ismael)


4. Broodstock Management (William H. Daniels, Ronaldo 0. Cavalli and

Richard P. Smullen)


5. Hatchery Systems and Management (Wagner C. Valenti, William H. Daniels, Michael B.
New and Eudes S. Correia)


6. Larval Feeds and Feeding (Jean Dhont, Mathieu Wille, Mike Frinsko, Shawn D. Coyle
and Patrick Sorgeloos)


7. Nursery Systems and Management (Shawn D. Coyle, Dallas E. Alston and
Célia M. S. Sampaio)


8. Growout Systems/Site Selection and Pond Construction (James F. Muir and
Julio V. Lombardi)


9. Growout Systems/Monoculture (Wagner C. Valenti, Michael B. New, K.R. Salin
and Jinyun Ye)


10. Growout Systems/Culture in Temperate Zones (James H. Tidwell and
Louis R. D’Abramo)


11. Growout Systems/Polyculture and Integrated Culture (Sergio Zimmermann,
C. Mohanakumaran Nair and Michael B. New)


12. Nutrition, Feeds and Feeding (Louis R. D’Abramo and Michael B. New)


13. Growout Systems/Water Quality and Soil Management (Claude Boyd and
Sergio Zimmermann)


14. Health Management (Devika Pillai, Sterling K. Johnson and Sérgio L. S. Bueno)


15. Genetics (Spencer Malecha, Peter Mather and David Hurwood)


16. The Biology and Management of Size Variation (Han Karplus and Amir Sagi)


17. Commercial Freshwater Prawn Farming and Enhancement Around the World
(Michael B. New and Methil Narayanan Kutty)


18. Post-harvest Handling and Processing (Juan L. Silva, Harold Phillips and

Raúl M. M. Madrid)


19. Marketing and Preparation for Consumption (Harold Phillips, Terrill R.
Hanson,Siddhartha Dasgupta and Cortney Ohs)


20. Economics and Business Management (Raymond Rhodes, Terrill R. Hanson
and Siddhartha Dasgupta)


21. Culture of the Oriental River Prawn Macrobrachium nipponense (Methil Narayanan
Kutty and Miao Weimin)


22. Culture of the Amazon River Prawn Macrobrachium amazonicum (Patricia
Moraes-Valenti and Wagner C. Valenti)


23. Culture of other Freshwater Prawn Species (Methil Narayanan Kutty and
Wagner C. Valenti)


24. Sustainability of Freshwater Prawn Culture (Michael B. New, Louis R. D’Abramo,
Wagner C. Valenti and Somsak Singholka)


Sources: 1. Freshwater Prawns: Biology and Farming.  Michael Bernard New, Wagner Cotroni Valenti, James H. Tidwell, Louis R. D’Abramo and Methil Narayanan Kutty.  A John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Publication.  201. 2. Bob Rosenberry, Shrimp News International, Aprilo 23, 2010.


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