How to Submit News
to Shrimp News

Shrimp News encourages you to submit news and information on shrimp farming.

Use Shrimp News to announce anything "newsy" that shrimp farmers are likely to enjoy, or profit from. Use it to pass industry news around. Use it to announce new products, services, meetings and publications. Use it to buy or sell something. Use it as a community bulletin board.

If your news is used on Shrimp News, your name, address and communications numbers will be included so that readers can contact you for more information.

Please include the following information when you submit your news:

1. Your name
2. Your title
3. Your business or institution
4. Your address
5. Your communications numbers (phone, fax, email, webpage)
6. The date
7. Subject/Title of your news
8. Your news should cover who, what, where, when and why

Please email your news to Bob Rosenberry at

You can also mail or call in your news to Bob Rosenberry, Shrimp News International, 10845 Scripps Ranch Boulevard, #4, San Diego, CA 92131 USA (phone 858-880-2580).